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Straight Talk Saves Lives
Stories to start a conversation!
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You don’t think drugs & alcohol can affect you?

Click picture to hear Chris' story

Click picture to hear LaTangela's story

New Mexico considers banning alcohol sales to convicted DUI offenders

Positive results for those drug tested in on the rise

Drug testing middle school students may help prevent drug and alcohol abuse and addiction



Area Coalitions

Too Smart To Start - Henrico County
Hanover I Care - Hanover County
Friends of Prevention - Richmond City
SAFE - Chesterfield County

Comunity Coalitions of Virginia

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Scholarship Resources

Are you a rising senior looking for a scholarship? There are a number of scholarships available for students who have volunteered at any drug rehabilitation center or for anyone who was raised by a guardian with drug addiction problems. For a full list of scholarships please see Weirdscholarships.net .

Do You Need Help Today?


Drugs & the Brain

National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Click here for an outstanding online booklet on how brain research is revolutionizing the way we look at addiction.

Brain Drain:  Drug Induced Loss of Brain Function

Take a close look at what drugs and alcohol do to your child's brain.  This presentation is courtesy of Dr. Sandra Welch, Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Do You Know Me?

How drugs seduce you and your kids.  Please read and download this important document.

Family Meals Help Girls Stay Drug Free

Exciting Things To Do in Richmond


A great way to keep drugs and alcohol off the table to begin with!


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